Our Chauffeurs

All our chauffeurs and chauffeuses are fully trained in their driving skills and customer care to our own in-house standards by our in house Training Officer.

This unique training system ensures an extremely high level of road safety knowledge and courtesy. Many of our chauffeurs come from a background in customer service, business, the armed forces and of course the emergency services with retired police officers making up the core of our team.

We are also one of the few companies that can offer lone female passengers the comfort of a relaxed environment which for some female clients can only truly be achieved by having a female chauffeuse at the wheel.

Our chauffeurs are smartly dressed in grey uniform and cap, black shoes with large company branded grey umbrellas available for our famous Scottish weather (business suits instead of uniforms for discretion on request).

They are there to meet & greet you at your pick-up point and ask for you by name and will never sound their horn outside. All are subject to full Disclosure Scotland checks.

Or Call 0141 483 1555

Open 24 Hours. Call anytime!

Or Call 0141 483 1555

Open 24 Hours. Call anytime!